Asthma, asthma, Allergic Bronchial Ashthma, allergic bronchial asthma
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Allergic Bronchial Asthma

Cat Asthma, Horse  Asthma, Dust Asthma, Miner’s Asthma, Amygdaline Asthma, Renal Asthma, Gall bladder Asthma, Bronchial Asthma, Abdominal Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis Asthma, Millari or thymic Asthma, Asthma of consumption, Asthma due to nasal obstruction, Asthma alternate with other diseases.


What is Asthma ?

The term asthma (Gr. Asthma =panting ) means ‘gasping for breath’. It is an affection of the lungs and characterized by difficulty of breathing. Occurring in paroxysms, attended with suffocation, constriction sensation across the chest, cough and wheezing. Each paroxysm terminates by expectoration of more or less quantity of mucus. The patient usually sits or stands, his arms elevated so as to lift upward and outward the walls of the chest. He often wants the window and doors to be opened and makes frequent efforts to expel something from the air passages by hawking or coughing. His face has an anxious expression, the extremities are generally cold and there is often cold perspiration  on the forehead, face or chest. There is frequent palpitation of the heart or arteries. The pulse is irregular, quick or intermittent and expectoration does not afford relief. The breathing is short but fast with difficulty in expiration. Asthma is either dry or humid. The attacks of dry asthma are much more sudden, violent and short duration, the cough is slight and expectoration scanty. In moist or humid asthma the attacks are slow but more protracted, cough being more severe, expectoration commences early and when it becomes copious usually affords relief. Asthma usually sets in suddenly and generally at night. In children, however, its onset is almost always as sudden as spasmodic croup*. The patient is compelled to sit up in bed in order to get his breath. There is no cough nor much, if any, expectoration. The breathing is wheezing, rasping, whistling in character. It is usually rendered some what easier by bending forward with shoulder elevated, patient grasping at his knees. The attack of asthma may last for an hour, a half dozen hours or two or three days depending upon its severity. As the paroxysms subsides there is more or less cough and expectoration. The sputum consist  of round tenacious masses. In some cases there is frothy sputum that is more or less ropy. It is hardly found mixed with blood. The patient is exhausted at the end of an attack, whether it has lasted only a few minutes or continued for some hours. The length of the intervals between attacks varies in different individuals. Some patients enjoy good health in the intervals, others show signs of bronchitis.

A special Diet is required for cure—Please see our Diet Chart for the Allergic Patient

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