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Disease means discomfort ness of mind or the factor that makes one sick.


Diseases like ….. Cancer/Diabetes and other Disease is caused only due to discomfort ness of mind.


Many people think about a subject or topic deeply. There are subjects or thoughts that touch one’s mind deeply and one is unable to get detached from it. Such “Thinkers” or say “Deep Thinkers” are vulnerable to the diseases described above.

Many questions must have arisen in your mind “How is this Possible? You may think. How is our brain or mental attitude involved in creating diseases or discomfortment?

Now, I tell you how.

Suppose a person is rapt in a deep thought (it may be positive or a negative one). At the same time someone calls, touches or pinches him, or, an insect bites him. But none of these actions makes him show any reaction, or, respond. He remains unaware of what has happened. The little time, hardly two-fifth of a minute in which you are absorbed in your thought harms you physically. Absorption of your mind in a thought makes you unconscious of anything taking place outside your mind. For that minute time your nerve reflection is reduced causing a number of diseases.

Let’s take another example. Someone has hurt you both physically and mentally and made you tense. The whole day you involuntarily spend in thinking and “reliving” that particular incident. You can’t cease to think about and remain detached from it, because you are physically and mentally hurt.

As we know our brain has hundreds of nerves fro different emotions. Each one of them is connected with one or the other organ of human body. Let’s take “anger nerve” for example. Suppose it is connected with liver. Now if a person remains angry for a full or a major part of a day, and is unable to control his anger then the liver gets negatively affected or starts getting damaged. Then suppose the same person is anyhow made to laugh, then the nerve is relieved from the negative emotion and incurrence of damage by the liver is stopped and it starts recovering.

But now you need not to be worried. Homoeopathy is the only one therapy that has the remedies which can stop damage of organs by doing away with your discomfort permanently.


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