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The vastu shastra emphasizes on the placement of the heavy tools and equipment and other necessary articles of the house. They different place & angle accroding to their weightage.

If this stair case is made from iron & cement then it is considered as heavy. The stair case made of wood is quite light then all other stair cases.The concrete stair case not be placed at the corner of north-east. It may effect the health of the house owner. They may place in other corner except north-east corner.

The south-west corner consider as the most suitable for health & wealth.If your home has already a stair case in the north-east you must be experiencing the much trouble. But need not dissapointed for this you can correct by constructing a room at the south-west corner a higher piller then the staricase.

As the stair cae made of wood is lighter so it should be constructed either on the north wall or the east wall but it is not advisable at north east corner.Lift may be provided in north-east corner. But it must not be in the south-west corner.The problem of the stair should be clock wise and steps are numerical in number.

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