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Vastu today is the greatest crazeModern mind despite its all rational moorings, seems to have a fascination for this ancient science. Many amateurs go on advising its principles which may some time bring evil effects.

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So I am trying to give a clear concept on thebasic principles of the ancient India Hindu Technique of Architecture i.e. vastu shashtra which ensures that it inccreases your prodictivity, all round progress and success by setting up your office or business organization. It is completely scientific.

Brain is the governing factor of the human body, if the brain is kept in proper temper its function and result is quite satisfactory and brings peace prosperity and sound health. Conversely if we neglect to take care of the brain we face a lot of difficulties and undergo various types of mental tension and discomfort so, it is our primary duty to keep our mental health inorder.  

This basic principle is verified when we travel in our motor car. It is surprising that when the earth revolves at a tremendous speed of 1676 km. per hour and we drive our vehicle at a speed of 40 to 100 kms. per hour we some time feel discomfort, if we sit in opposite direction. But when we change our position by facing towards our destination, we feel quite comfortable.

We shall try to understand the basic scientific principles of vastu Sashtra. At present all the great scientists of the world are worried about pollution of the earth which is responsible for the weakening of the ozone layer in the space helps in checking the outward rays coming from different planets & sources. This may results in severe destruction of our planets & the total security may be in danger.

We may get a clear idea by taking a simple example. On the full moon day we find the sea is attracted towards the moon causing large no.of waves & tides. Similarly our body is mostly dominated by water contents.So should it not be affected by the moon

Our life is regulated by may global phenomenon like all corners, all directions, all objects of the world. The effects of these may sometimes be good or may bring bad result. Man has not yet been able to understand its mystery, but we can understand why it happens so by knowing the basic principles of vastu Shastra.