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A freind of mine, a vastu expert, has an interesting analogy exolaining the relationship between the direction we face and the resultant effect we undergo. He says suppose tow people were travelling in a vehicle, one facing towards the direction the vehicle is speeding to, and the other sitting the opposite way seeing the road fleeing away from him. The first one watching the road slip away under his feet. The same except is applicable to the whole world when we conceive our planet earth to be a gigan-tic vehicle hurtling at a speed over 1676 Km./ the north-eastern direction. Facing any other direction than north or fast impels imidence of uneasiness.

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But we find great change after the people were divide in to four types of caste according to their work. Among these four the Brahmins were considered the most superior and wise man. They commanded high respect in the society as they had real knowledge on the vedas and upanisadas. Society in all respects enjoyed a better status by their able guidance. Then we find a sudden change. The so called guides were found to be less intelligent and incompetent but they continued to misguide the people as rulers of the society. It was at this time the hereditary princi-ple was given importance though it was not free from its abuses. Some times the son of a pundit (wise man) was to conduct pooja and worship of the different gods & goddesses as their tradition-ally profession through they were incompetent and failed to guide the people in right prospective and their by the society under went a total moral, spiritual, educational, degradation down fall and destruction.

So the vastu Shastra which was supposed to be the foundation stone to guide the people for better social life began to stum-ble. The people became ignorant of this ancient science of archi-tecture and people; lost their peace, prosperity financial stability, spiritual progress etc. There was infighting in the society and it acted like poison which infected every individual family.

We can illustrate the fact by a common example at the time of marriage while taking oath the Brahmin priests were supposed to guide in every respect for a successful married life but a blind man can never be a successful guide and that was exactly the condition of those Brahmins. I do not intend to blame the brahmin in general because many of them were quite learned even at pres-ent and the marriages were conducted in vedic principles and they instructed in details for a bright future on the day of marriage while taking oath.

Similarly they should guide them at the time of construction of a new house for a better living but it was found that they had little knowledge about the vedas and principles of vastu Shastra. Had they guided as per the vastu principles we could not have to bother at present to modify and reconstruct our old building and houses.

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