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As per the rules of the ancient architecture when we construct some residence, factories & offices etc. We should first consider the importace of lavelling of the land.

At the out set I would like to highlight on the different corners and their merits & demerits.


The shape of the land :- The land we purchase for the purpose of constructon may have different shape. Out of which these are most suitable for the construction.

1. Rectangular (2) Square (3) Rectangular plots but extended towards the north-east corner.

If our plot does not come under any of the three shapes, we have to ractify the shape and then construct.

After collecting data from different sources and scriptures it is learnt that violation of these rules regarding shape of the plot brings harmful results.

If the south-east is extended or less then 90 degree it results in robbery, fire explosion, litigation etc.

IF the south-west is extended or less then 90 degree or greater than 90 degree it brings loss of health, less prosperity and different complex problems in life. 

Extention in the north-west corner or less then 90 degree result in misuse of prosperity, heavy expenses, or severe financial loss in every respect.

On the other hand if the plot is extended towards the north-east or less than 90 degree it brings good luck and all round prosperity, like fame, wealth, peace, good health, sure success in business.

If north side of the plot is extended it is good for health & wealth, extension in the east brings fame & success. If the plot is extended either towards south or west it brings different complicated problem such as loss of wealth, loss of life, mental instability etc. If the south and western side of the plot is higher than the eastern & northern side brings all types of comforts and profit.

If south and west is lower than the north & east the owner will suffer different mental problems.


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