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If we sincerely want to live peacefully with prosperity both financial as well as spiritual, it is a fact that the house we live in must have completed to the principles of Vastu Shastra. In Order to verify the validity of this Statement we have to know what Vastu Shastra is -

Every body wants peace, prosperity, position, and recognition but very often we find just the opposite. Why is it so ? I think they must have deviated away from the basic principles of Vastu at the time of construction of their houses.

The Nature has created the five basic elements like earth, water, fire, air and ether for smooth conduct of the earthly existence. When these five elements lose their balance and proportion, it results in chaos and disorder and they rebound on us with tremendous harm. So external nature with these five principles has to be handled with caution & awe.

Every individual needs three basic things in life that is food, shelter & clothing but after having all these things man wants one more important item that is peace and this peace has to be attained through our food and shelter. Many persons doubt its implication but if we go deeper we will come to know that our residential houses, offices, firms, factories, schools and other institution play a very significant role in achieving this peace.

The answer to an innumerable questions has been clearly stated by Agastya, Viswamitra, Vashistha, Narada, Viswakarma, Vrihaspati and Jamadagni of Puranic age. They do not accept our residential houses as places of shelter merely rather these have profound impact on our all round prosperity and they strongly approved of our adherence to the basic principles of Vastu Shastra.

Let us analyses the truth of the statement by illustrating an example from our day to day life.

1. We know there are number of persons who are wicked in nature and we want to get rid of them. They have come to us for financial help sence any thought of repaying even a fraction of the same. Being fed up with it we decide not to help them any more but in actual life when they come again for fresh help we came forward without hesitation to render our help.Why is it so ?

2. On the other hand we are very much repulsive to certain persons who are having very good nature. Even we are charmed by certain unknown persons although we didnít have much contact with them.

3. Every individual wants peace. In spite of this why do we create certain unhappy situation for others and vice versa ?

4. As the disproportion of Vata, Kafa and Pita adversely affects our body so also a discordant combination of Air, Fire and Water disturbs the environment of this world.

We should plan to construct our houses in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra ( if we receive maximum energy then our work will go in peaceful manner but the Source of energy is North, East and North-East it should be checked through South, West and South-West by covering by bad conductor of heat materials like bricks, mud, earth, wood etc.)

So that accumulation of energy will help us to carry out all worldly affairs successfully by concentrating to every worldly incentives in a much better way.

This vastu shilpa Shastra believes in two basic principles-the Sun and the Earth. All the five basic tatwas excluding the Sky have originated from the sun. The five basic principles or tatavas are- the Earth (Prithvi), Water, Fire and Ether.

The Earth - Our earth is a huge magnet. The magnetic effect of the earth affects us and our ways of living are controlled by it. In order to extract favorable effect we should construct our houses as approved by the Vastu Shastra.

The Water - Three fourth of the earth is water. Water is inevitable for our life. The rain water is the same everywhere. The soil where rain water falls gets transformed as per the global effect of the earth and we are also affected by it.

The fire - Fire or heat is very significant for our existence. We get heat with light from the sun & this light is very essential from human existence. Without light & heat our survival is doubtful.

The Sky - The space is nothing but vacuum. all the planets, satellites and stars are in the sky. The sun itself is a star. In brief the entire universe is in the sky. All the particles and direction in the sky exert some sort of influence on us.

The Air- The air surrounds the earth. This air is the basis for survival of the entire creation. This is all about the five basic principles of the earth.

Let us consider the use of the directions and corners or angles. We are influenced by the innumerable mysterious rays of the universe- These rays are of both types- good and evil. In order to derive maximum benefit in the shape of favorable effects and to save ourselves from the undesirable elements Vastu shastras guides and advocates for proper construction of our houses.

We know there are four directions- the east, the west, the north and the south. Between two directions we find the corners or angles. As they draw powers from two direction they are more remarkable and significant the corner between the east and north is known as Eishanya, likewise the East and south corner is Agnaya, North and West is Vayabya and between West and south is know as Nairuta.

After deep study of the nature (the prakruti) we know that east is regarded as the pitry Sthan Hence if the East side of the house is not vacant then it is considered as injurious to the owner of the house. In the similar manner the earth is meant for the mother. The north side of the house would be kept vacant, otherwise, it may result in the death of house owner's wife .

Various types of waves flow from the East and the North. That is the reason why we are instructed to keep these two sides vacant or open, failing which these waves and currents are discharged to the opposite directions. Hence Vastu Shastra strongly emphasizes to keep our Western and Southern side higher that the Eastern and the Northern side. If the western side is higher it is good and beneficial for the son and higher southern side brings good health and financial prosperity. Eastern and northern sides are kept lower to preserve more current waves.

Agneya (South-East) should be lower than the Nairuta (South-West) Vayabya (north-West) should be higher than the Ishan (North-East) so Nairyta should always be higher and the Ishan always the lower. These instructions of Vastu shastras are meant for extracting more waves and current. This vastu Shastra is really a mysterious science, has its foundation on scientific truth. We can verify the old structure built by our ancestors and derive conclusions there from that they fully agree with the vastu principles and the houses have relationships with the in dwellers.

Food is that which is fit to be eaten, fit to be digested and that keeps us healthy. Like wise houses do not consist of merely walls and ceilings. Houses are constructed to draw more magnetic currents and proper flow of waves for our all round progress and prosperity. That is why vastu Shastra is very much significant and scientific as well.


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