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The south-east coner may be selected for the airconditong purpose.


Almirah in the room may be decorated at the south wall facing north and in no case they should be kept at north or east wall.


If the angan is high on all the the side and low in the centre, then the effect is loss of son. And if it is vice versa, then it is good.

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The purpose of balconies is to get free air, light energy and free movement so balconies should always be kept in North, East or North East direction. But in no case it should be towards south or west but it there is no alternatives than the south and west balconies may be covered with curtain or better glasses.


The beams in a house should run from S to N.

The beams in a temple should run from W to E.


- Master Bedroom for senior members should be in the south-west.

- The young and the children may be provided with beds towards North or east.

- The newly married couples unmarred adults should be allowed to occuped bed in North-West.

- The patients room or his bed should be placed at south-east corner for quick recovery from illness.

- Guest Room should be at north-west corner.

- Drawing room may be placed either at the north or the east but not all the north-east corner.

Place the beds in the room so that it is near the South and West corner of the room. The person should sleep in the South-West area, with his head in the South and feet towards North, so that when he gets up in the morning he sees North. Do not sleep viceversa, as it may cause headaches and sleepless nights.

There are maximum chances that many chronic sufferers of headaches sleep in North/South direction. And mere changing of the direction to South/North will bring positive results over a period of time.

Do not sleep with wet hair, and also without any clothes.

The bed should be so placed that it should avoid the running beam over their head. More over all the almirah if highly necessary should be placed in south wall only and in no other direction. The night lamp preferably be kept at south-east corner.


These should be as 90 degrees to each other with some exceptions which will be explained later. There should not be any construction on the wall, touching the wall. Even the guards room, which is generally touching near the main door, should not touch the boundry wall.

If there is construction on:

East wall : then there is ememity amongst friends and relatives.

North wall: then there will be loss of wealth.

The boundry wall should be left alone and any construction to be done should be made at least one foot away from the wall.


North, East or North-East is most suitable place for cellar for storing coal,wine etc. but it is never advisable to keep the cellar in South, West or South-West because it violets the principle of vaastu and there by brings ill health, Monetary loss.


Colours play a very vital role in the well being of the membrs or the house. Certan specific colours are ascertained for perticular directions. They are as give hereunder:

During Day Time During Night Time

SW Violet NW

S Deep Blue N

SE Light Blue NE

E Light Green E

NE Golden Yellow SE

N Orange S

NW Deep Red SW

W Deep Green W

All these colours should be in these particular direction. The good rays coming from a particular direction gets boosted when the specified colours are present in those directions. Even a small patch ( say one inch by one inch) is enough to get the beneficial affects from the colours.


The north-east corner is the best possible space for the cooler.


The door of the stairs should be towards East or South only. The top door should be a little smaller than the door in the lower floors.

The doors and windows should be in equal height,and also if possible of the same size. The doors and windows should be twice the size of its width.

The doors and windows should be fixed with threshholds (choukhat) as was done earlier, on al the four sides.

There should always be odd numbers of doors and windows i,e,1,3,5,7,9, etc. The doors and windows should always have two leaves, and never with one leaf.

The doors and windows should always open inwards, into the room or the building, and never outside. The is exception to this in case of kitchen and toilets.

A particular case for the above is cited here. A rented house had its main door opening inwards into the angan or the central courtyard. All the other doors of the rooms inside the house also opened into the courtyard. The problem of the house was that the tenants would leave the house very soon, and most of the time the house was vacant.

When the door of the rooms was made to open inside the rooms, the problem of the house concerned disappeared.

This can be explained cinsidering that the energy coming from outside the house was reaching upto the central courtyard, and could not go any further. This is because the doors of the rooms also opened into the courtyard. But when the doors were made to open into the rooms, there was proper circulation of the energy, reaching each and every corner of the house.

There should be more doors and windows in the East and North sides and should be kept open to the maximum possible time. Mosiqito nets may be provied if there is problems of insects.

There should not be a second door opposite the entrance door of the house, i,e, the main door is in the East, then there should not be a second door in the West . Similarly, if there is a door in the North, there should not be a second door in the South.

When the doors of the house is not as per VAASTU, and there is no scope for betterment also, then with the help of mirrors the benefits of VAASTU may be received.

The doors shouldnot be obstructed. There are different types of obstructions (dwar vedha). Some of then is given herender: 

Roads : Immense loss to owner.

Trees : Not good for children in the house.

Pillar : Bad for female members, more expenses.

Water puddle : Sadness and loss of wealth.

Flowing water : Unwanted expenditure.

Well,borewell : Ill health, Epilepsy (Mirgi)

Temple : Great Loss.

However, if the dwar vedha is at a distance double the height of the building, or across the road, then the vedha is not effective.


The dressing table should face south or west but they should never be kept in north-east corner.


The teachings of Vastu shastra or many ancient scriptures and our fore fathers should be born in mind at the time of extension of our houses. We should never commit the mistake to extend our building towards South or West, we are always allowed and encouraged to construct out new extension building on North or East we have a number of recorded cases of misfortune of those who dared to extend towards South or West so it is wise to be careful at the time of extending the building.

The extension of house in the following direction

W:- Enmity amongst friends/relatives.

Loss of wealth.

S :- Fear of accident and death.


Finished products or stocks for sale should be kept in NW direction, precisely more towards the West. This will ensure easy movements of stock.


Generally we do not bother about the flooring and keep it even and parallelto gound but is important to note that the south sould be higher than the north and west Higher than north-east.


1. The laying out of foundation should start at the South-West corner.

2. We should keep less space towards the South and the West and more space towards the North or the East at time of construction.


Freezer should be kept at the center of the south-east wall or near to south-east corner but if should face west.There by opener may use the freezer by facing east.


The north-east corner should be allowed free space so the furniture may positioned either towards the south or the west walls. There by we may extract more light & energy from the north and east directions.


It is always wise to construct our garage in South-East or North-West. There who keep their vehicle for status symbol and use it rarely than they should, prefer South-West, but for all other regular use South-East location is the most suitable place for free moving as more open space is generally kept in the East direction. Garage in North-West is good but there is a danger in it that very often the vehicle likely to be misused by your well wisher,friends, relatives,superior officers etc.


The sapce for the purpose of gardening should be allowed at north-east,north or east site of the house but no big treee of permanent nature which may damage the foundation of the building should be grown and shadow should not cover the main constructed building.


The earth emits positive and negatives energies during the 24 hours cycle of day/night. A chart is given to describe the energies :


The positive energy of the earth is at its peak one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. Sunrise and sunset time varies daily through out the year. However, from two a.m.till five a.m. the positive energy are also at its peak. This time is also called brahma muhurat. 

Similarly there are negative energy also flowing during a partic ular time of the day. Out of these negative energies, the following chart gives the worst period, known as Rahukalam:

Mon 730 am to 900 am

Tue 300 pm to 430 pm

Wed 1200 pm to 130 pm

Thurs 130 pm to 300 pm

Fri 1030 am to 1200 pm

Sat 900 am to 1030 pm

Sun 430 pm to 600 pm

If a particular work is taken up during the time when the earth emits positive energy, there is maximun posiblilty that the work taken up would be completed successfully, with least problems.

However, if it is done during the negative cycle, or during Rahukalam, the chances of the completion of the work with ease is the least. ( to be completed later )


We should construct our kitchen room in the South-East and the oven should be South-East corner so that person preparing food should face the East and more over, the wash basin should be placed at the North-East corner. And the food after being prepared should be store at the North-West corner. Our rasons and other cooking food materials should be stored in a self in the South or West wall


1. The land on which we construct our building for different purposes should always be either square, rectangular or North-East extended in size. It would be ideal if it faces to the North or East but not to any angles. so irrespective of the size of the plot we have to revise it in to rectangular or square size and if necessary a little portion of the plot may be sacrificed for other purposes.

2. At the time of construction of the houses or anything we should be certain of one thing that is South-West corner is always higher than North-East corner, and again southern side higher than the Northern and Western side is higher than the eastern.

3. the plot surrounded by roads from all the four sides is the most ideal one but it is not always possible to find such suitable plot. The plot having road on the North or the East side or both sides is also equally good but when the plot does not fulfill any of these principles we should keep space on all the sides as for passages.

4. The Vaastu shastra encourage to see that the South-West corner must be 90 degree the North-East less than 90 degree and North-West and South-East are more than 90 degree.

5. Before purchasing the land we should verify the suitability of the plot by simple test , we should dig up a ditch one foot length and one foot width and three feet depth then we have to fill it with water at night the next morning if there is a little water still left in the ditch then it is considered to be an ideal plot for construction of any thing.

6. The plinth area of the building should always be higher then the road facing it.


Books are to be arranged towards the north-west corner of the room. The books of big volumes should be arranged in the south, west and south-west and all other thinner books at north and east and North-East corner should be kept open.


It means room withing the roof of the house should be placed towards the South,West or South-West to keep proper balance and relivance to the vaastu principles.


It means the floor between ground floor and the first floor in the from of balconies which should be constructed in south or west and not towards norht or east. It brings genuine inspiration and helps to achive peace and prosperity.


Mirrors also play a vital role in Vastu. The basic reason behind the use of mirrors is to reflect the bad rays coming from a particular direction. Also, it gives a view that the person is coming from the opposite direction.

To illustrate, suppose a room has the entrance door in the NW area. To make the room better, a mirror should be fixed just opposite the door, on the E wall. This willreflect the rays coming from the NW area. It also gives a feling that the person entering the room is doing so from the NE area.

The Mirrors should be fixed in the N and E walls only. It should never be fixed in the S and W walls, Wardrobes having mirrors deny the rules of Vastu. Hence all Almirahs and Wardrobes ahould be devoid of mirrors.One should be very cautious while using mirrors in a cross property. If the above example is applied to a cross property, the desired results will not be obtained.With the help of mirrors, the energy rays can be distributed into the house entirely, and can reach each and every room.


Generally the oil paintings photograph of our respectable members should be kept at the north-east corner, and other photograph for the decoration merely may be at north or east direction.


The platforms should be always higher than the floor of the building and it should be towards the South or South-West direction to ensure all round prosperity and happiness in the family it should be noted that platforms in North or East may bring temporary material gain and happiness but it is always risky and unsafe for the head of the family more over platform in North and East direction should be kept lower than the floor.


The shrine should be towards the north-east and no where else the worshiper should face the east only. But as there are many gods and goddess and the manner of sitting differs so sometimes we may change our direction accordingly. Lord Ganesh and Hanumanjee face towards south, goddess Laxmi , Ram, Krishna face nerest to east or north.


Generally the roof of the space for entrance of a building when supported by columns is called portico. The portico should be kept towards north east in order to facilitate the indwellers to get enough open space and at the same time it should be lower than the roof level.


The process flow should be from SW to NE as far as possible. This will ensure trouble free operation. However a second alternate is from SE to NW, if the first option can be implemented.



For maximum benefits, the rooms must be placed in the following areas/zones:

E : Bathrooms

SE : Kitchen

SW : Masterbedroom/ Labourroom(childbirth)

W : Dining room

NW : Store for finished products/ food articles

N : Treasure room. Store for valuables

NE : Pooja room

between E/SE :

between SE/S : Store for ghee oil

between S/SW : Toilet/latrine

between SW/W : Study room

between W/NW : Meeting rooms/reception hall

between NW/N : Rooms for adults

between N/NE : Medicine

between NE/E :

NW outside plot : Cremation ground


Generally servants quarters are constructed in South-East corner or North-West corner but a note of caution may be recorded to see that they should not touch East wall or North wall. As the western wall is higher than the other walls in the house the servant quarter constructed touching it may not bring healthy surrounding for the indwellers. So we should prefer to construct our servant quarters in South-East more over it is plus point that generally the servant residing in South East quarters do not frequently run away like the servants living in the North-West quarters.


If the house is built low on the East side, then there is improvement for the person. If it is higher on the southern side, then it gives increase of wealth. If it is lower on the West, then there is loss of wealth.

Result of slope of land is given hereunder.

E : good/positive developments.

SE : death.

S : loss of wealth

SW : gradual decrease in all respect

W : loss of son

NW : pleasure/happiness

N : popularity/increase in wealth

NE : immense increase in wealth

Centre : all round sadness/losses



The position of stair case is very vital it is always wise to construct the staire case in South-West it brings great furtune but no staire case should be constructed in North-East corner. If one has no alternative than he must construct room in South West at a much higher level than the roof ot the staire case in the North East otherwise the owner will suffer both physically and mentally inviting a lot of problems. Care should be taken to ensure that all the steps of the stairecase must be inimical or odd numbers and it should be clock wise direction.


According to our ancient culture the store house has a great deal of connection with Laxmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity so our store rooms should be located in South or South-West corner. But for store of perishble goods preferance may be given to North-West division and inside the store room no slape roof should touch the easter wall and the North-East corner should always we kept empty.


We should keep the overhead tanks towards South, West or North-West but leakage of water in South-West corner is never advisable so it is better to place it in the South or North-West corner.


As the well is in the North,East or North-East zone the septic tank should be construct at the distance place towards South-West or South-East for better highienic view point and distance should be atleast 15-20 feet. If the suitation so demands.

TANK (UNDER GROUND)Underground water tank below the ground or the floor labale of the main building should be in the North-East for all round development and comforts.


It means the level area of slopin ground and they are always to be provided towards the east and the north and north east direction for proper free air better health inviting welth and prosperty.


The most costly item of the house that is the iron-safe shold be fixed in the strong room on south-west corner in the south wall facing north.


Big tree should be planted in South, South-West, West, NorthWest areas only. Small trees should be planted in other areas. If possible avoid planting trees in East and NorthEast areas. There should not be shadow of any tree on the house, especially in the afternoon.Some specific trees are to be placed in a particulardirections:

N : Pakad (kainth)

E : Banyan

S : Goolar (dumer)

W : Pipal

NE : Amla

SW : Imli (tamarind)

SE : Anar (pomagranade)

NW : Bel

When the above mentioned plants are present in these directions, the energy rays gets intensified, which is good. Since these trees cannot be planted due to shortage of place, planting these in earthen pots also give the similar results and benefits.

TV      It should kept at south-east corner of the room.

WALLThe southern wall should be higher and thicker then the North walls and Western wall should be higher and thicker than the eastern wall.

WALL CLOCK    The wall clocks may be placed on the east or noth wall.


More weight should be kept in the SW and S area and lighter things must be kept in other places. NE area should be kept vacant as far as possible and no weight is to be applied.



There should only be wells, bore wells and water pits in E/NE/N/ areas of the plot. The precise placements in the following areas:

E : Happiness

SE : Loss of son

S : Loss of wife

SW : Death

NW : Enemity,shortage of liquid cash.

N : Soukhya

NE : Poosti

Centre : All round losses/sadness/illness.




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