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In the present age of machine and techonology men feels soffocated and wants to resort to some new device for the peace. But peace is to be found with nature only is to be found with nature only. It is also natural. We are the children of nature. The child finds peace and security in lape of mother whenever we find the little lies are we should rush to nature for mental comfort. Wealthy or rich man would like to creat to state of nature inform of garden in their flats has it is problem in this cities and big town to find sufficient space for creating garden.


The similarly poor people resort to gardening in their close surrounding.

The ancient sages know it well that every plant has different direction and angle. Which are some times grow and benificial and sometimes brings opposite result.The position of the well labeling and shape of the land are already discuss in the chapter land, and we need not repeat the same.

We can have the three types of gardening :

1. Around the house within the compound.

2. Inside the house.

3. Garden away from the house.

1.Around the residental within the campus.

North-east - Small plants

- Banana

- Amla

- Creepar

The milk bearing tree or plant like papaya, Jackle fruit should not be planted in the residental houses. Such trees may cause harm to the children. South-west corner may used for big tree like coconut, Neem etc.

2. Inside the house.

Small flower plants, creepers,

Small flowers plants, creepers, bonsai can be planted.

North-east corner- Should have creepers, Amla and Tulsi (Occimum) plant. This tulsi plant can be planted at the centre house or centre of the garden.

The southeren side of the garden we should have big tree (gullar)


S.W.-Imli (Tamarind)

S.E.-Pomede Tree

N.W.-Bel tree

After the plenty of the above mension trees we can plant about our garden according to our choice.


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