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Every company have so many departments for distribution of work. All the work and activities are done in files. If proper care of the files is not taken then the company faces a number of problems and challanges. All documents should be systematically arranged in a file so that no time will be wasted in finding them out. Some time a missing file with important documents creates much havoc & the entire company incures heavy losses.


The importance of file in every well organised institution brings better result & prosperity. Proper care should be taken to see that proper coordination & co-operation among departments sections must be ascertained.

The improper maintenance of file will directly affect mental stability peacefull, concentration and the entire business will run unimpaird. So vastu shastra strongly believes on the role of proper file maintenance. Files should be placed as follows :

Personal files - South-west corner

Account files - South-east corner

Purchase files - South-west croner

Sales files - North-west corner

Asset files - South-west corner

Shares files - North-west corner

Raw Materials - South-west corner

Finished product - North-west corner

Income Tax - South-west corner

Sales Tax - South-west corner

Store file - South-west corner

Cash Purchase - South-west corner

Credit Purchase - North-west corner

Staff & Wokers - North-west corner

Litigation - North-west corner

Pending Bills - North-west corner

The above mentioned files should be kept according to the instruction approved by vastu shastra to assure better satisfactory result.


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