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Feng Shui is a science originating fom the book "I-Ching", a book from the legendary Emperor Fu XI in the year 3322 B.C.Feng Shui literally means "wind-water". This is an art of perceiving the subtle energies, the animate nature and the landscape. This is the science of reconciling the best interest of the living earth and those of all its inhabitants.

Our physical world comprises of five essential elements -water, fire, air,earth,and space . Following the principles of this science , we can balance the cosmic influence of the sun and its light and heat, the direction of the wind, the earth’s magnetic field and the influence of the cosmos on our planet.

In India, FENG SHUI is known as VASTU.

Critics label science is the science of past age and past times. There is no logic to follow this science in these era of 21st, century, the time of 100 or 200 storied buildings. Those who believe in this old and outdated science at the time of this modern and most advanced age, are not at all "wise men".

But we strongly differ from them. The destiny of everyone too much depends on these five elements irrespective of the age we live in.Our day to day life very much depends upon the vibration in and around us. By following the principles of Vastu or Fengshui, we can put every elements in the right position so that our lives will continue to be smooth,prosperous and happy, definitely. 

Many blue chip British companies like Arthus Anderson, Marks & Spencer, Virgin Atlantic, etc.. etc.. are following this science.The Chee Tong temple in Singapore is constructed according to "This Science".principles, to create a true meeting of modernity and tradition.

And the result, every one agrees, is simply spectacular".


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