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we are mistaken to think that vastu shastra is meant only forconstutuction of houses. Truly speaking, it is equally important for either the success or failure of factories. Vastu is based on the five basic elements like earth, water, fire, air and ether. We can adhere to the harmonious combination of these five.

All factories are prone to various types of probelms & challenges such as accidents, strike, gherao, deficit production, machinery problems, shortage of raw materials etc. At the time of installing an industry, we think of course, about these problems, but not about their remedies, or preventive measures. No worker or labourer does ever think about the failure or closure of the factories. Should the industry suffer from such inevitable problems it would definitely affect the workers.

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Every industry has five basic elements-capital, land, labour, organisation, machinery. The country is full of thousands of small and big industries.

It is a fact that every industry has these basic elements. Still then why is it that so many factors are fuming through different problems. Some of them facing acute financial problems and the like. While at the same time many of them are prosperous. The question arises-why is it so ? The answer to this question lies with Vastu Shastra it strongly believes that some fundamental Vastu principals have been ignored or deviated at the time of construction. Every industry should obey these basic vastu principles for their success.

But I would like to explain in brief about these vastu. To allow more space in the east and the north is always good and little or no space should be provided in the south and the West. The entrance should be nearest to east and north. The borewell or under ground water tank should be at north-east corner of the land.

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