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The school is called vidyalaya. It is a holy place for importing knowledge. Our    wise ancestors have declared " "

  They know it will that vidya was the only object which can never be            destroyed.     It was so precious and storage a wealth that it did never diminish or       decrease by giving or sharing with others. On the otherhand it goes on increasing. Knowledge is obtained by mediatating on the known facts. If the student has the attitude to learn then it takes no time to learn. At present the students lack this quality of thinking or meditating. This is the greatest problem at present in the students.

Most of the lessons imported to the students goes in seem goes in vain. They remain like parrots only. The teachers seem less interested in teaching. They plan to complete their duty by hook or crook. The students become absent

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minded and keep themselves busy in short of nuisance. The result is courses are somehow completed and nobody learns much. That is why remarkable intellectual progress in the students is found to be less.

So the basic purpose of founding a school or educational institution gets defeated most of the students coming out of schools, colleges and universities are so called literates, no doubt, but they are unruly in character and backrupt intellectually. The nation much money in education.

The burning problem at present is how the basic purpose of education can be served. It is thought that if the teachers are propely and family paid then the problem can be solved. But it is not the fact. I think the answer to this question lies with vatu shastra. It can provide proper condition in the class room in minds of the teachers and the students by extructing the current of energy from nature by scientific means and there by the teachers become sincere in importing the duties the students became attentive by submitting to their teacher and doing away with negetive thought of nuisance and the principal or head of the institution becomes more responsible. The atmosphere in the class room becomes calm & franquil and the tendency to learn remains intact.

All these objectives can be attained when with the co-operation of nature.

The school or educational institution should be constructed in such a manner that all the above mentioned objectives are achieved favourable. Here I would like to discuss on the aspects of importing and receiving of education successfully.


Class Room :- The arrangement of classroom should made in such a manner that the higher classes are provided towards the south-west corner and lower casses are gradually arranged towards wither the north or east.

Facing of the students :- The seat should be arranged so as to enable tht student to face either at the north or the east.

Sitting position of the Teacher :- The teacher at the time of writing some thing or the black board should face either to the north or the east.

Black Board :- it should not be at south & west wall.

Office :- The office of the head of the institution should be in the south-west corner and he should sit facing either to the north or east.

Play Ground :- The space should for play ground should provided either in the east or the north.

Staff Common room :- This room should be provided in the south-west adjoining the principals office.

Student Common room :- It should be provided at North-east corner.

Laboratory :- North-west is the right place for all laboratory purpose.

Library :- It shoule be at North-west corner.

Toilet :- It should not be consturcted at north-east and south-west corner and all other spots are suitable except there two.

Hostels :- The north-west area is the best side or accomodation purposes. But the kitchen of the hostel should be at the south-east corner. The boarders should arranges beds so as to face either east or north at the time of sleeping.

Wall, Borewell, Water Tape :- It should be at north-east corner.

Knowledge is the great intelectual exercise and it can be earned when the surrounding atmosphere inside and outside the class room are favourable.

There conditions can be provided by the vastu shastra and all educational institution can be rightly converted to temples of knowledge.

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