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Door is an inseparable part of the house. In ancient architecture the size, position, direction, obstruction of door has been seriously thought of and they have guided us to think on these different items.The frane of the door should be four sided instead of three as in modern times it is found in large nos.

The length or height of the door should be more than double of the width of the door. This principal is also applicable for the window.

The main Entrance :The main entrance of the land, house, factories should be nearer to the north east corner, may be on the wall of the north wall.


Door : The door should have two shutters & they must open to the inner side of the room.But the door in the kitchen should be open to the outside of room.Most of the door and windows should be kept on the north and east wall and they should always be kept open. The windows may be con-cerned with net ware prevent in of mosquito.

The two door of any room should not be place face to face. It is already constructed there western side door may be used with door closer.If we do not care for these rules and principals we may have to face no. of problems such as litigation, loss of name & fame.We can correct our door by using mirror on the north and east wall of the door will be found on south & west wall.



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The obstruction of the main gate brings a number of critical problems to the owner of different members of the house.If the obstruction from the main entrance is less than half of the height constructed wall then the following problems are to be faced.

1) If the room is adjustment to the wall then the owner of the house dies very soon.2) If the obstruction is a big tree there it must harmful for the children3) Mud in the form of obstruction brings sorrow, pleaselessness and morning.4) Water flowing close to the main entrance bring unnecessary heavy expenditure.5) If there is an open well infron of the main door the owner of family member suffer fron epilepsy or convaltion.6) Idol of God inform of the main door brings total ruin.7) Pillar causes the housewife severe torture and physical ai-ments.

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