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There was a time when people were less ill, even if they suffered they were coming round very soon because there was no pollution on that time. The earth was surrounded or full of forest. Air, water & earth were available in pure form. People lived in more close relation with the nature even if they were ill they were cured with the help of nature is a short period. They did not here such a dreadful diseases like aids, cancer etc.


Now the time has changed we are living in a world of pollution. The air we take in the water we drink, the earth we live on are all polluted. The result is that people have little relation with nature and they relay more on the doctors. It will be no exaggaration to say that living without Doctor has become inevitable. It will not be wrong to say that the medical profession has the medical profession has been so much commericlised. All are busy in money making. If uou are a doctor with ability of correct dignosis, correct selection of medicine, smiling behaviour with patient then you will called as a good doctor. may be you are a doctor or rather an efficient doctor but you have no jobs satisfaction.

Can you ever imagine the reason of your failure in your profession lies in construction of your clinic that does not conform to the vastu principal.

Any deviation in one or many of the vastu principals effects the owner adversely. So we should try to understand how the construction of the clinic should be made as per the vastu principles. 

How to select the plot for the clinic.

Doctor’s Chamber :- Doctor’s chamber should be constructed in south-west of plot doctor should face either to the east or to the north. But at the time of convincing or checking of the patient. The patient should face either the north or east. This rule is not applicable for the attendent or the companies of the patient.

Surgery Table :- The operation table should be placed in the north-west corner of the chamber and the patient should face at the time of surgery either east or north.

Oxygen Cylinder :- It should be placed on the north-west corner, because this place is mostly dominated by god of air.

Laboratory :- The place for laboratory in north-west.

X-ray:- The arrangement for the x-ray should be made in the south-east or if it is not possible it may be placed in the north-west corner.

Ultra Sound & C.T.Scan :- The placement of the ultrasound & CT Scan is in the south-east and North-west corner.

Microscope :- The placement of microscope is in the North-west corner of the doctor’s chamber.

Bed :- The bed of the patient in the nurshing home should be placed nearest to South-east corner and patient should face east or North at time of sleeping.

Dressing Table :- The dressing table should be the nearest to North-west corner.

Labour Room :- It should be placed nearest to South-east and North-west corner.

Waiting Room :- It should constructed nearest to North-east corner. One should bear in mind the rules and principals as stated above for successful carrier and it will bring a great deal of fame & respect for the doctor and his intrest in the profession will increased.


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