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All Round Happiness -NE Extension

All round Sadness/losses - Slope centre

Death - Well South-West

Death - Slop South-East

Desirous of everything - Doors at South

Do not build the door - West side

Enmity, loss of cash - Well North-West

Fear of accident and death - South Extended

Good/Positive developments - Slope East

Great Loss - Door obstruction from


Gradual decrease in all respect - Slope towards South-


Happiness - Well in East

Ill health,Epilepsy - Door obstruction from well

Immense increase in wealth - Slope North-East

Immense loss to owner - doors obstrution from road

Increase in cattle and Children - doors North

Loss of health/Welth - Well center of the plot

Loss of Wealth - Slope South

Loss of son - Well in SE

Loss of son - Low angan in Center

Loss of son - Slope West

Loss of Wealth - West Extended

Loss of Wife - Well in South

Name,Fame and strength - Door in East

Not Good - North Extended

Not good for children - Door obstrution from trees

Not good for females,more expenses - Door obstruction from pillar

Pleasure/happiness - Slope North-West

Popularity/increase in wealth - Slope North

Sadness and loss of wealth - Door obstrution from water puddle


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