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This vastu Shastra is not free from certain vices as most of the people are not in a position to afford to alter their old constructions as it incurs a heavy expenditure and reject it. As many books have already been published regarding vastu principles the exact location and hiding place in storing property & wealth is well know to certain person Income tax officials the thieves & burglars & they make successful raid on the houses of offices, the south west corner which is suspected to be a place of storage.

But I would like to tell certain confidential spots or place which can not be disclosed and discussed here for security and safety. There who are keenly interested they may contact the authority for proper placement of assets.

Many people have a mania to become millionaire by adhering to the principles of vastu Shastra but it is a wrong notion. We should plan to construct our houses in accordance with the principles of vastu Shastra ( If we receive maximum energy then our work will go in peaceful manner but the source of energy is North, east and North-east it should be checked thorough south, west an south-west by covering them by bad conductor of heat materials like bricks, mud earth,wooden etc.) so that accumulation of energy will help us to carry out all worldly affairs successfully by concentrating to every worldly incentives in a much better way.


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